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Clinical Pastoral Education

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances 2018 CPE group and Spiritual Care Department chaplains.

CHRISTUS Health views Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) as theological education that utilizes learning by experience in a clinical setting in the company of peers under the supervision of a qualified teacher/practitioner of the ministry of spiritual care.

The primary educational purpose of CPE is to provide you with these educational opportunities to:

  • Provide spiritual care to individuals and groups in an increasingly effective manner
  • Develop and/or enhance your pastoral identity
  • Master a body of interpersonal skills and academic materials related to the provision of spiritual care in a variety of clinical settings


  • Our Mission, Spirituality and Core Values form the foundation for the provision of CPE at our component sites.
  • Our Mission: “To extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.”
  • Our Spirituality: The Spirituality of CHRISTUS Health compels us to service in response to the needs of others to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.
  • Our Core Values: Dignity, Integrity, Excellence, Compassion, Stewardship


Theological Resources and Discourse
The curriculum includes focused reflection on your theology and ministry practice; this invites exploration and evaluation (through multiple lenses) of the effectiveness of your ministry.

Primary Teachers: Those We Serve
While theological and interdisciplinary resources contribute to your learning, those to whom you minister become your primary teachers.

The Complementary of Service and Learning
The learning methodology in CPE is an “action/reflection/integration” model of education. Service and learning go hand-in-hand, each enriching the other. You will be providing direct spiritual care. You will use the resources and program structures to reflect deeply on the ministry offered and on yourself. Individual and group supervision are opportunities to reflect on, and struggle with your pastoral functioning and identity. As a student, you will have significant clinical responsibilities in conjunction with the educational aspects of the program.

Importance of Reflection
Within the structure of the CPE program are multiple avenues for reflection. These include informal, interpersonal, and written reflections. Such reflection leads you to integration of insights, perspective, skills, and behaviors that are evidenced in future ministry encounters.

Learning in Community
The CPE program also emphasizes learning in community. Your peer group, ACPE Certified Educator, mentors and interdisciplinary team members create a supportive community that foster your learning and development.


Currently there are three CPE component sites, listed below, where you will be welcomed into a relational learning environment. The expectation is that you will experience mutual trust, respect, and openness as well as constructive challenge and confrontation that are vital to process education.

CHRISTUS Spohn Health System-Corpus Christi
613 Elizabeth St., Ste. 702, Corpus Christi, TX 78405
PHONE: 361-881-3616
FAX/SCAN: 361-861-9013

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Health System
333 North Santa Rosa St., San Antonio, TX 78207
PHONE: 210-704-2272
FAX/SCAN: 210-704-4984

CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System
800 E. Dawson, Tyler, TX 75701-2036
PHONE: 903-606-4567
FAX/SCAN: 903-525-1575



CPE at CHRISTUS Health is accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), for Levels I, II and Certified Educator CPE, One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30030. Phone: (404) 320-1472