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Contributor Resources CHRISTUS Health and its various foundations are dedicated to a "Contributor First Philosophy."

This means that our first priority is to ensure that our contributors' needs are being met. As there are any number of worthy causes willing to take donations, we want contributors to know that they have made a good decision to give their gift to a CHRISTUS foundation. It is important that the contributor know the gift will be stewarded in the manner in which they expect and that they have been recognized in appropriate ways.

The foundations throughout our CHRISTUS Health system appreciate each contribution. We believe that the best contributor is the one who understands the mission and focus of the organization. Therefore, through Contributor Services, CHRISTUS Health educates, informs and provides opportunities for contributors to see their gifts in action.

Many of the foundations within the CHRISTUS Health system provide our contributors with newsletters and/or bulletins describing the cutting edge work of their respective health care facility. We invite our contributors to events that will help educate them about the latest advances in healthcare and have some fun in the process. Several of the foundations also have a variety of contributor recognition programs to recognize gifts of all sizes.

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